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What’s been happening in Binley & Willenhall?

Here’s a quick round up from me of the Willenhall/Binley, Cheylesmore & Earlsdon Neighbourhood Team 


What’s been happening in Binley & Willenhall?


 Good afternoon! I hope you’re all well, it’s been a busy set for us this week!

Here’s a short roundup of our set.


PCSO Emily BIRCH 31367.


Motor Vehicle Offences.  


Over the past week we have seen x1 Interference with a motor vehicle and x2 Theft from a motor vehicles;


  • Between 00:45hrs and 00:50hrs on 03/03/24, unknown offender(s) have tried to open the door of a black Audi A6 on Yarningale Road. The vehicle security alarm was set off, no entry was gained and no damage was caused. 

  • Between 16:15hrs on 01/04/24 and 06:00hrs on 02/04/24, unknown offender(s) have approached a secure and unattended yellow Ford Transit van parked on Harcourt. They have used an unknown implement/force to damage the sliding door and then stole items from within; namely step ladders, hop ups and mixing paddle.

  • At approximately 21:40hrs on 03/04/2024 on Bredon Avenue, unknown offenders approached a black Volkswagen Golf and gained access to the vehicle using a crow bar. The offenders have stolen a number of tools namely a chopsaw, drills, multi tools and impact drivers to the estimated total of around £4500 before making off.



    Please ensure you remove any items and valuables from your vehicle when leaving, particularly overnight and when in remote locations. Opportunists have no regard for value. In the past we have even seen break ins to vehicles for small change left in the centre console – so please ensure you remove everything. 


    We are looking into a number of lines of enquiry in regards to the crimes mentioned above, including looking at CCTV evidence, Dash Cam footage as well as speaking to key witnesses who may have important and helpful information to assist us. If you have any information regarding the above please don’t hesitate to contact us on 101 or using Live Chat. This can be done anonymously if you wish.


    Some security measures you might consider for your vehicles;


  • Anti-theft screws on VRM plates to prevent them from being removed/stolen. 
  • Remove all belongings from your vehicles including, electronics, valuables and even small change.
  • Do not keep tools or other valuables inside your vehicle overnight or whilst unattended. 
  • Keep your car keys in a faraday pouch; these prevent the signal being read/cloned/exploited.
  • A disk lock or crook lock to disable your steering wheel. These are both visual and physical deterrents. 
  • Get a cage fitted around the catalytic converter.
  • Write on vehicles and valuables with SmartWater. This makes them easily identifiable if stolen and recovered.

    CCTV and witness statements are being reviewed and we encourage anyone who may have information to call us on 101, webchat, or email the team direct at binleyandwillenhall@westmidlands.police.uk


    Drug dealing 


                    As usual we have a number of drug related intelligence logs this week from various sources that we will continue to develop. We are working on intelligence of a number of potential cannabis grows, addresses, vehicles and associates of offenders and suppliers. 

    We continue efforts to identify offenders, vehicles and the locations from which drug dealers are operating. We have a number of lines of inquiry into this. There are a number of addresses, vehicles, individuals and areas regarding drug dealing and county lines that we are aware of and are monitoring closely. Officers have conducted stop searches of both individuals and vehicles in the area. 

    The team continue their success in the disruption of county lines drug dealing/supply as well as identifying various individuals and groups involved in the distribution of illegal drugs that cause significant harm to our community. The efforts and investigation into illegal drugs in our area will continue.

    We do rely on the public to assist us with information and intelligence, so we encourage anyone who has information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, to report this to us. There are a number of ways to do this and you can remain anonymous if you wish. Although we never reveal the source of where the information comes from. Call 101, use Live Chat on the WMP website, or email the neighbourhood team directly at binleyandwillenhall@westmidlands.police.uk 

    You can also report to Crimestoppers anonymously at www.crimestoppers-uk.org/ 


    The information and intelligence we receive from the public is invaluable to us. 


    The most typical way in which such information is managed is that upon receipt of information from a member of the public - such as a smell of cannabis or strange comings and goings - is that officers from the local team will make their own enquiries and record their findings, and this will be the basis for a warrant application.





    This week we have seen x1 Residential burglary of a home;


  • At approximately 16:54hrs on 05/04/24, an unknown offender has entered the front porch of an address on Alex Grierson Close and stole x2 hanging baskets before making good their escape.

    The team have been conducting regular late night patrols to disrupt potential opportunistic offenders and deter crime. However, enquiries and investigations are also ongoing in relation to previously reported burglaries.


    Although the team will continue their strategic patrols aimed to prevent and disrupt, there are some things you can also do to deter potential burglars;


  • Close and lock all doors and windows when leaving your property and overnight.
  • Secure all outbuildings.
  • Property, door and window alarms are an effective deterrent.
  • Physical security measures like extra locks, chain locks, sash locks etc.
  • Cameras and CCTV. These are not just a deterrent, they also provide us with a line of enquiry in identifying offenders should something happen to your property.
  • Do not leave valuables in sight when leaving the property and overnight. Close curtains and blinds as opportunistic thieves and burglars may choose to take advantage.

    If you see any suspicious behaviour, please report to us via 101, Live Chat, or if an emergency 999.


    Anti-Social Behaviour 


    We are aware of ongoing ASB in the blocks of flats on Charminster Drive, Rotherham House, Earlsdon Street, Asda London Road, Asda Daventry Road, Airport Retail Park, aswell as other various areas and properties, and we are taking positive action against this. 

    This week we have conducted joint visits to these properties with various other agencies for a multi-agency strategy to resolve this. The team are continuing to patrol our usual ASB hotspots and have seen a reduction in incidents when doing so, as well as responding to any new incidents. We are also aware of a number of problem individuals causing regular issues. We have conducted home visits on a number of people so far and we continue our efforts in identifying others.




    A homeless male who continuously and persistently begs in various locations has been moved on a number of times this week. Be aware as this particular male is known for being aggressive towards members of the public and will ask for money and cigarettes, etc. This male has been offered various types of support every time we come across him however refuses to engage with anybody. We will not tolerate this anti-social behaviour and the distress it causes to members of our community – if you are affected, please contact us.


    We are aware of the beggars at Earlsdon Street Post Office, Co-Operative, One Stop, Airport Retail Park, McDonalds, Asda and Lidl. West Midlands Police have repeatedly offered help and signposted them to various agencies who can assist them. We advise not to give them money or goods as this only serves to fund their addictions. They do have support from various agencies (including offers of rooms/a bed) and this will only encourage the ongoing anti-social behaviour that we consistently get reports and complaints about. Some even have their own properties.


    We understand that this behaviour can be intimidating and we still continue to regularly patrol these hotspots. Some individuals have Community Protection Notices in place due to their behaviour, so please don’t hesitate to report this to us if you are affected or see this happening. 


    We continue to record any breaches of conditions for those that have Community Protection Notices and will enforce these in order to protect the public from their behaviour. 


    Good news, results and other things we’ve been up to this week. 


  • Multiple vehicles stopped and given advice on manner of driving.
  • Intelligence development on particular vehicles and individuals involved in drug supply and drug dealing. 
  • Reassurance visits to vulnerable victims of crime.
  • CCTV and investigative opportunity enquiries at various locations.
  • Meetings with other organisations ie Citizen Housing regarding problem solving, vulnerable individuals and intelligence.
  • A large number of ID requests have been submitted this week as a result of our investigations and CCTV trawls.
  • Patrols around locations of repeat crimes.
  • Continued investigations and intelligence development around previously reported crimes.
  • A number of offenders have been identified from ID requests, CCTV trawls and other enquiries.


     Additional Guardian patrols are being conducted in the area after 11pm in relation to Burglary and Vehicle Crime to prevent and deter crimes. Officers have been successful and have disrupted and identified a number of offenders.




    Thank you for all your continued support.  


    PCSO Emily BIRCH 31367.


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