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Car Cruising

Good afternoon 

Op Hercules is West Midlands Police’s operation to Illegal Street Racing and Car cruising. We  are aware that this is occurring across the West Midlands  we are working with partners to reduce this issue. 

 Car Cruising is…….

 “A gathering of the drivers of 2 or more motor vehicles, including motorcycles, on a highway or in a publicly accessible place within the West Midlands Area at which, any person whether or not a driver or rider  performs any of the activities listed which cause any of the consequences listed.”

 list of prohibited are……


  • Street Racing/Speeding
  • Gathering in groups where this causes the community a nuisance and annoyance
  • Performing stunts in or on a mechanically propelled vehicle 
  • Littering whilst in groups of mechanically propelled vehicles
  • Excessive noise e.g. revving engines, wheel spinning, sounding horns, playing loud music
  • Driving in convoy disrupting other road users 
  • Spectators watching cars race and loitering around street racers
  • Using foul or abusive language, threatening, intimidating behaviour towards anyone.
  • Obstructing the highway moving or stationary
  • Danger to road users including pedestrians
  • Damage or risk of damage to property
  • See link below which takes you to our our Survey questionnaire


    Op Hercules - Car Cruising Survey (wmnow.co.uk)


     Thank you so much for taking the time to complete 


    Kind Regards



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