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Police updates 08/04/2024-12/04/2024

Good evening

During the course of the week the Delves police neighbourhood team have been out and about conducting high visibility patrols around the Parkhall neighbourhood. Now that the nights are getting lighter gives officers a better chance to see residents out and about. 

Crime does still remains low on Parkhall but that does not mean we can be complacent. Great work by the Parkhall NHW together with the use of technology by the way of WhatsApp messaging has had a huge benefit and has driven crime down significantly. Driven crime down yes, eradicated it No. Their will always be opportunist out there trying their luck waiting for that time to strike which is why we as a police neighbourhood team will always be driving the crime prevention message home.


Vehicle crime still blights communities all over the country and we are no different. This week we have had a vehicle related incident which is under investigation. 

Although modern vehicles today are more sophisticated that does not mean they are invincible to vehicle theft, which is why i always suggest adding Driveway post, steering wheel type of security in addition to manufactures own security features. 

Kind Regards

Delves Police Neighbourhood team


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